Record. Post. Share. Building a brand for Walmart Ambassadors.
Walmart - Art Direction, Print, Digital, Branding
Challenge: Develop a kit to excite and empower select Walmart employees to develop social content for their respective stores, and inspire other associates to join their social community.
Solution: Our team developed a sub-brand called "Walmart Ambassadors", complete with its own identity, as well as its own visual language. The kit included various swag like a custom Ambassador shirt and pin to indicate their exclusive status, and also base-level equipment needed to get started with social content like a small tripod, phone mic, and social tips poster that doubled as a branded backdrop.
Role: Art Director, Designer
By using a continuous, wavy line we tie in the visual of audio/video recordings. This visual is also a representation of the Ambassador's continuous commitment to develop unique, out-of-the-box content that doesn't just simply follow a straight path.
A series of dots showcases the ever-growing set of content that is being developed by the Ambassadors, as well as a representation of the continually growing, tight-knit community of the Ambassadors.
The right-facing arrows evoke the visual of sharing content, but it's also a way to show that the Ambassador program is a commitment to always moving forward and finding ways to integrate great content to help fellow associates elevate their performance.
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